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Love my children’s artwork! (but…)

Do you have children? Do your children do artwork? Some of us keep everything our children have created, from preschool or younger to the present. Some of us enjoy it and then keep only our favorites. Some of us are really good at clearing things out every year. I fall somewhere in the middle. Even though I don’t keep everything, it can still accumulate quickly and if I didn’t have a plan for what to do with it, I feel quickly overwhelmed. One of my favorite things to do with their artwork when they were young (preschool and elementary) was I chose my favorites and framed them. I didn’t use fancy frames, just the ones on sale at the local craft store. Then I created an art wall in th

The Most Photographed Generation

Our children are certainly the most photographed generation in history, between print photographs, digital photographs from cameras and phones, Tweets, videos, Instagram posts, Snapchats, and much more. When I talk to people about their pictures, the focus quite often seems to be on making sure their digital images are backed up, followed by having them organized. I completely understand why. When I was a child, with my first little 110 Instamatic camera, I took pictures in sets of 12. Today with my phone and DSLR I take pictures in the 100’s. It’s so easy to do! The challenge we face is in dealing with the 100’s of pictures, as it can feel quite overwhelming. So we look for simple sol

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